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  • FTPWT Free 2GB FTP accounts
  • Mozy Automated online backup (2GB limit for free accounts, more if you sign up via my referral link)
  • CrashPlan Totally free local and offsite backup using your family/friends computers, or cloud options for a fee.
  • StreamWebTown Free MS based streaming service (servers are restarted every 2 hours)
  • Google Voice Free phone number with call, text and voicemail forwarding.
  • ITL This umbrella company got started several years before Google and has several services including:
    • K7 Free incoming fax and voicemail services
    • IPKall Free traditional phone numbers forwarded to SIP
    • NoCharge Free Dialup Internet access
    • Kall8 Not free, but inexpensive phone numbers (including toll free options) with forwarding to anywhere.
  • KeepVid Quick & Easy web based Youtube video downloader (no need to download their program, just enter URL in the search box)
  • FreedomPOP Free 4G data service (at least 500MB per month), free voice services in the works too.
  • Google Calendar Events Exporter Supports Excel and Google Spreadsheets.