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Here are a few free web tools and software packages that I use.

  • Google Apps I use Google apps for my email & calendars (yes I realize it's the only thing in this list that you can't install on your own server)
  • MovableType Publishing Platform
  • Gallery Your photos your website
  • JW Player Flash based media player (I have used it with FLV, MP4, RTSP & RTMP)
  • MediaWiki Free software wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia (this site is running on it).
  • Secure PHP Form Mailer Script
  • Secure Guestbook Script with Image Verification
  • AWStats Free tool that generates graphs web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics.
  • csv2png Very small precompiled utility for generating graphs from csv data.
  • PHP RecipeBook PHPRecipeBook is a web based cookbook with the ability to create shopping lists.
  • GNUMP3d Web based music indexing & streaming including recursive playlist generation.
  • LimeSurvey Opensource survey application (run easy to use surveys on your own web server)

Network Monitoring

  • Cacti Graphing
  • Zentrack Project management & helpdesk
  • Zabbix Network monitoring, alerting & graphing
  • Nagios Network monitoring & alerting
  • OpenNMS Network management platform (overlaps with Zabbix)