Google Calendar Tricks

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Word Wrap

Initial Install

  1. Install the Greasemonkey plugin for Firefox
  2. Install the Google Calendar Textwrap Events script

To enable wrapping on embedded calendars

  1. Once the above are installed, right click on the monkey icon at the bottom of the browser and then click on manage user scripts
  2. Under the Google Calendar Texwrap Events script add another URL as follows:

Green key image

Green birthdays & anniversaries.jpg

Exporting Events to a Spreadsheet


Agenda view comes close to doing what I want, but has the following limitations:

  1. Can't display events from an entire year in a single list
  2. Can't easily export/print events without including the event creator and calendar names (each event takes up several lines instead of just one)


To get around these I found the following helpful third party site which will export your events to a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Spreadsheet):