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Creating & Generating a "Page" that uses PHP

  1. Create the page and include your PHP code snippet
  2. Export to a .html file like usual
  3. Manually rename the .html file to .php
  4. Change permissions on the file to 644 (some web hosts will prevent .php from running as 666)

Note that the PHP code may disappear if you try to edit the page after the initial publish, but it is a rendering/display issue only. As long as you don't re-save the page then the code will continue to be included any time the page is published. However, if you save the page a second time only what is shown in the text box will be saved so you will lose your PHP code.

Turn on the Address Book

This feature disappeared with the release of MT4.2, but there is a configuration directive to turn it back on.

To enable the address book feature, place this line in your mt-config.cgi file:

EnableAddressBook 1

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